Steven Hu

Technical Director, Photon Taiwan
  • The Technical Director at Photon Taiwan, our speaker brings a wealth of experience in game, network, system design and architecture organization. With a history of serving in the gaming industry, social networks, and information platform services, they are well-versed in the intricate details of these fields.
  • At Photon Taiwan, their role involves providing network technology consultation, creating video tutorials and examples on network technology, and writing technical articles for their blog.
  • They aspire to use their many years of practical experience in the industry to provide developers with useful network connection knowledge. Their deep understanding of the structure of connected games aims to promote Taiwanese developers to delve deeper into the core areas of multiplayer connected games and to expand the applications of the AI and Metaverse.

Sessions by Steven Hu

日活躍千萬玩家背後的秘密 : Photon Fusion 與 Quantum 的魔幻力量

Virtual Day 1 - 09:30 - 10:00
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

Join us as we unravel the secret behind the success of 25M daily active users: the magical power of Photon's Fusion SDK and Quantum SDK. These two flagship products, each with their unique features, provide excellent network solutions for game developers.

The Fusion SDK, designed specifically for Unity professionals, guarantees a stable and accurate online gaming experience, underpinned by client-side prediction and snapshot interpolation, It also has built-in lag compensation functions, conducive to achieving Esport-level game mechanics.

Quantum SDK, a fully deterministic multiplayer game engine, with the game client only exchanging inputs, combats cheating with replay verification and cross-platform determinism independent of Unity.

In this presentation, we'll showcase examples of Fusion and Quantum, offering insights into their unique advantages. We invite game industry professionals to join us in uncovering the limitless possibilities of multiplayer online game development with Photon.

Target Audience: CEOs, project managers, designers, and programmers who have a basic understanding of game development and wish to create multiplayer online games.

Takeaways: To understand how to choose the appropriate network game engine as the foundational framework for network connectivity in projects, enabling the development of various popular online games in the market and significantly reducing the time and cost involved in developing multiplayer online games.

Thank you for your attention and look forward to your participation.