About Taipei Game Developers Forum

Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF) will celebrate its 12th edition in 2023, marking the return of In-Person Sessions after the pandemic. This will provide game developers, speakers, and game companies with the opportunity for direct interaction and exchange.


TGDF agenda encompasses various aspects, including programming, game design, production, marketing, and management. The lineup of domestic and international speakers for the In-Person Sessions in 2023 includes Lifeformed (Terence Lee) and Janice Kwan, the composers of the award-winning indie game Tunic; Victoria Tran, the Community Director of Among Us; Ronald Hsi, the Art Director of Asterigos; Emily Short, the Creative Director from Failbetter Games; Ross Huang, the Lead Designer of Thymesia; and more.


In addition to the paid In-Person Sessions, this year will also feature the highly-acclaimed free Virtual Sessions format from the past few years. During the following weekend of the in-person event, a separate set of speakers will deliver a wide range of presentations. This includes Philomena Schwab, the game designer & marketing of The Wandering Village; Max Chen, the developer behind Alina of the Arena; and Tsu-Wei Chen, a Concept Artist from Frame Machine; and more. These offerings aim to provide developers with diverse ways to learn from each other.


Whether you have participated in previous editions of TGDF (either in-person or virtually), whether you are an industry veteran or new to the field, we sincerely welcome everyone to join 2023 Taipei Game Developers Forum!


In-Person Sessions Dates: July 19th - July 20th, 2023
In-Person Sessions Venue: Qunyin auditorium, Chientan Youth Activity Center (No. 16, Sec. 4, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City) 
Virtual Sessions Dates: July 22nd - July 23rd, 2023

How to Participate

In-Person Passes

Group (2 people+): NTD 1,650
Individual: NTD 2,100

In-Person Dates: July 19th (Wed), July 20th (Thu)

In-Person Venue: Qunyin auditorium, Chientan Youth Activity Center

Virtual Sessions Pre-Register

Pre-register now and answer the post-event survey to join our raffle for prizes!


Virtual Session Dates: July 22nd (Sat), July 23rd (Sun)

Twitch Channel

TGDF's official Twitch channel for the Virtual Sessions.

What's New

2023 TGDF 台北遊戲開發者論壇圓滿落幕

回歸實體的感動!近 1,400 名開發者同時在線支持!

2023 年台北遊戲開發者論壇(TGDF,Taipei Game Developers Forum)在合作夥伴及海內外遊戲開發者共同支持下,於 7 月 23 日圓滿落幕!今年重新回歸的兩日實體論壇,於7/19~7/20 ...

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2023 TGDF 合作夥伴介紹:AMD

歡迎參加AMD 在TGDF主題演講。在這場盛會中,我們將介紹 AMD 開發者夥伴關係團隊的願景,以及我們致力於在 AMD PC 遊戲平台上提供最佳開發者支援的使命。

我們深知,遊戲開發者的目標是提供最佳的遊戲體驗,包括穩定性、視覺品質和效能。因此,我們為您帶來了名為 AMD ...

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2023 TGDF 合作夥伴介紹:Arm

Arm 技術正在定義運算的未來。

Arm 先進的低功耗處理器設計與軟體平台,已促成超過 2,500 億顆晶片的先進運算,我們的技術安全地驅動包含感測器、智慧型手機甚至於超級電腦等產品。Arm 攜手超過 1,000 家的技術合作夥伴,使人工智慧得以在任何場景順利運作。而在網路安...

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2023 TGDF 合作夥伴介紹:騰訊雲



本次議程中,將分享騰訊 WeTest,由騰訊遊戲官方出品的全方位遊戲測試平台,提供 包括標準兼容測試、...

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2023 TGDF 合作夥伴介紹:Google

Google Play 為臺灣的行動遊戲與應用程式開發人員,建立了專屬的 MIT ( Made In Taiwan) 開發者網站。

針對臺灣開發人員及用戶持續發佈 Google Play 最新活動消息、技術/政策/產品更新、業界新聞與相關影音資源等資訊。


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