Demi Yilmaz

Co-founder, Colonist

Demi has been building games since 2016. He works mainly on the product side. He comes from a developer background but currently he spends most of his time hiring and managing as well as design & code reviews. 

He is a mental model enthusiast. Loves anime, boardgames and working out.

Sessions by Demi Yilmaz

How I bootstrapped my game to $1M ARR

Virtual Day 2 - 17:00 - 17:30
Language: English (accompanied with Mandarin/Chinese subtitles.)

Me and my brother started in late 2018. Currently, we're making $1M per year. With plans to grow it to $10M. Will talk about the journey, how we started, different challenges along they way, how we make decisions and our future decisions.

This talk is catered more towards indies and product people. You'll learn the strategies we used, which ones worked, which ones didn't. Where we wasted a lot of time, where we gained substantial growth. How to determine opportunities and more..